Mini Mozarts

What is our Mini Mozarts Class about?

Mini Mozarts is a music class designed by the Glasgow School of Music for children aged three to five (inclusive), aimed at introducing them to the joy and wonder of music. The class incorporates a variety of fun and engaging activities that help young children develop their musical skills and understanding.

One of the main features of Mini Mozarts is the use of rhythm. Children are introduced to different rhythms through clapping, tapping, and movement exercises. This helps them develop their sense of timing and coordination and also provides a foundation for understanding more complex musical concepts later on.

Another important aspect of Mini Mozarts is the use of games. The class incorporates a variety of musical games and activities that help children learn through play. For example, children may be asked to match different sounds or identify the beat in a song. These games help children develop their listening skills, memory and concentration, while also providing a fun and interactive learning experience.

Our Mini Mozarts class also includes singing and other vocal exercises. Children are encouraged to sing along with simple songs and nursery rhymes, helping them develop their singing skills and confidence. They may also be introduced to basic music theory concepts such as pitch and melody, laying the groundwork for more advanced music learning later on.

In addition, Mini Mozarts incorporates a variety of instruments and other props to make the class more engaging and interactive. Children may have the opportunity to play with percussion instruments such as drums, shakers, and tambourines, or experiment with different sounds using bells or chimes.

Overall, Mini Mozarts is designed to be a fun and engaging introduction to music for young children. Through the use of rhythm, games and other features, children are able to develop their musical skills and understanding in a playful and interactive way, setting the foundation for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

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