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What is the Mini-Mozart's?

The Glasgow School of Music is proud to present the Mini-Mozart’s. The Mini-Mozart’s offers fun and interactive music classes for pre-schoolers, toddlers and babies.

The Mini-Mozart’s class will help to develop communication, language, listening, creativity and co-operation, while providing a great way to meet people and bond with your child. Our tutor uses instruments, props, movement, games, nursery rhymes, and songs to create a magical fun-filled experience which children (and adults!) love.

What to Expect?

Babies and children love to sing and dance and they love spending time with other children. So, bring them along to our Mini-Mozart class where they can do what they do best – singing, exploring, finding their rhythm and make new friends.

What’s your favorite part?

It’s hard to say which will be your favorite part of the class; the warm-up where the tutor introduces the class, or the part where they reveal their box full of fun props that will entice your child on an interactive musical adventure.