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Unlocking Advanced Chord Progressions in the Key of C


Welcome to an exciting exploration of advanced chord progressions in the key of C! As musicians, understanding complex chord sequences elevates our compositions and performances to new heights. In this blog, we’ll dive into advanced chord progressions, offering multiple examples and practical guidance on how to play them on the piano or guitar.

The Key of C and its Chords

In the key of C, we have the seven primary chords: C Major, D Minor, E Minor, F Major, G Major, A Minor, and B Diminished.

Chord Progression 1: I – VIm7 – IIm7 – V7

This jazz-inspired progression in C Major consists of C Major – A Minor 7 – D Minor 7 – G7.

How to play:

A Minor 7 (VIm7): Place your right-hand thumb on A, index finger on C, middle finger on E, and ring finger on G.

Chord Progression 2: I – bIII – bVI – bVII

Venture into a darker, modal sound with this unique progression: C Major – E♭ Major – A♭ Major – B♭ Major.

Chord Progression 3: I – IVmaj7 – vi – V7

Add a touch of sophistication to your music with this lush progression: C Major – Fmaj7 – A Minor – G7.

Chord Progression 4: I – IIIm7 – VIm7 – IIm7

Dive into a dreamy, introspective vibe with C Major – E Minor 7 – A Minor 7 – D Minor 7.

Chord Progression 5: I – bII – bIII – IV – bVIMaj7

Explore the harmonic richness and exotic flavours with C Major – D♭ Major – E♭ Major – F Major – A♭maj7.


Congratulations! You’ve ventured into the realm of advanced chord progressions in the key of C. By incorporating these intricate sequences into your playing and songwriting, you’ll open up new avenues for creativity and expression. As you experiment and practice these progressions on the piano or guitar, you’ll discover the captivating magic they bring to your music.

Keep pushing your musical boundaries, and let the key of C be your canvas for crafting extraordinary melodies and harmonies. Happy playing!

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