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Esther Noire


Esther Noire

BMus (Hons)

Esther is a classically trained pianist, cellist and harpist and took up playing the guitar when she was a teenager.

She has experience in solo performance, competitions, playing the cello in orchestras and small ensembles, accompanying vocalists and instrumentalists on the piano and harp, as well as freelance harp playing at weddings and events.

Esther originally completed a degree in Modern Languages but pursued musical opportunities whenever possible and completed her Bachelor of Music in 2021 at the University of Glasgow with first-class honours.

Choral singing is something Esther is very passionate about, having sung with Sydney Philharmonia choirs, Edinburgh Royal Choral Union, The Russian Choir of Edinburgh, and now the University of Glasgow Chapel Choir where she is still a member. This has provided her with valuable musicianship and experience.

Esther believes that everyone has their own unique way of learning and wishes to honour that to ensure that pupils are able to build their confidence and experience the joy of playing music.