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Joanna Agata Kazimierczak


Joanna Agata Kazimierczak

BA (Hons)

Joanna moved to Scotland in 2015 where she started her Bachelor's degree in Music Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS). She is currently studying flute under Ruth Morley, Helen Brew (Associate Principal Flute RSNO), and piccolo with Janet Richardson (Principal Piccolo RSNO).

Joanna began learning the flute at the age of thirteen in Poland, where she was born and raised. During her education in Poland, she was taught by Sylwia Kędzierska and Barbara Horyd- Sawińska at Secondary Music School. During this time Joanna was representing the school in regional auditions for primary and secondary music school students obtaining great results.

Before moving to Scotland, Joanna took part in many performances in the Gorzow Philharmonic. As well as performing, Joanna participated in flute masterclasses with famous flutists such as Łukasz Długosz, Ewa Murawska, Ewa Mizerska, Ewelina Zawiślak, Janos Balint.

During her time in RCS, she has already taken part in many performances with smaller and larger ensembles such as Wind and Symphony Orchestra. She also took part in many masterclasses delivered by outstanding British flutists such as Adam Walker, Michael Cox, Ian Clark, Katherine Bryan, Lorna McGhee, Gitte Marcusson, Rachael Brown.