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So you want to learn the piano?

2018-08-07 11:58:28

The fact is, everyone has musical talent, and at The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM), it is our job to help develop that talent and making you become a good musician.

Your goal is our passion, your aim is our drive, The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) is here to help you achieve the best results, fast.

Here at The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM), we pride ourselves on our ability to offer top piano tuition. These lessons are delivered by experienced and passionate professionals. Each of your sessions will be customized by your personal tutor to maximize your full potential.

When teaching the piano, there are many different approaches that one can take to become a decent player. This could be;

1/ Playing by ear:
This method can be useful and fun, it also makes playing any song (usually pop based) easier. This way, however, can be difficult if you don’t have good pitching skills to start with, and can actually hinder the learning process if one was to rely on “ears alone” rather than more traditional methods. If you play this way alone, I would suggest that you adopt another technique as well to make sure your learning doesn’t have any undue gaps.

2/ Chords:
This method is probably the most popular, given that videos on YouTube such as The Axis of Awesome, who demonstrate that 4 chords can basically play anything; this method is also adopted through Jazz as well.

When learning Chords, it is essential for one to get the basics correct firstly, for example, scales, hand positions, knowing the difference between Major and minor, etc. etc. Once these are in place, playing by Chords becomes very manageable and a fun way to show off your talent.

I would recommend that everybody should learn chords and how they function as part of a musical structure as this will help your play style ten-fold.

3/ Reading Music (Elite method)
I call this the Elite way as this is adopted by all classical performers and gives the best insight into music. You learn every aspect of playing and the development, although slow at times, will bring out your best skills. Reading Music is difficult and can be time-consuming, but if you really want to learn music, I guarantee that with some effort you will be reading music in no time and playing masterpiece you never thought would be possible. This is the method I 100% recommend for everyone who is starting to learn or who is currently learning, give it a go, you will surprise yourself!

Teaching at The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM)
At The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) your goals are our goals. We work with you independently and at the rate that suits your learning style. Our tutors are patient, caring and empathetic and want to make you the best musician you can be.

Below are some teaching methods we adopt at The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) for child and adult learners;

Child Learning:

Teaching a child new skills is among the most valuable accomplishment one can achieve, especially an ability which lasts for a lifetime.
Each pupil at The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) will learn at their own speed, with their tutors' complete support, allowing progress and development to be enjoyable and relaxing in a calm environment.

Adult Learning

“I wish I took the time to learn an instrument” or “I’m too old to learn the piano” or “I’m not good enough to learn” are some of the most common sayings I hear from people as a tutor.
Here at The Glasgow School of Music, we challenge these misconceptions and work with you, developing your skills and technique and watch as we bring out the best pianist in you.

Now you have read through this little blog, why not call us at The Glasgow School of Music to inquire about lessons or to ask us for any advice that we may be able to provide?

Call us on 079 2254 6713

We look forward to hearing from you.

The article was written by;
Paul Murray (Head of Piano & Keyboard Studies)
MDes, MMus, BMus (Hons).
The Glasgow School of Music (GSofM)

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Paul Murray

A classically trained pianist, Paul has a wealth of teaching knowledge and experience, which spans over a decade. He began teaching while he was a student at University. Paul has taught in many formats and environments, including festivals, in schools, and in universities.

Esther Noire

Esther is a classically trained pianist, cellist and harpist and took up playing the guitar when she was a teenager.

Brianna Berman

Brianna Berman is a classically trained violinist with a love of teaching and traditional music. She has performed both as a soloist and ensemble player in the USA and UK and is currently a member of Nevis Ensemble. 

Andrew Neil

Andrew has experience in both piano and singing tutoring, and also works with the Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) as one of their vocal and piano tutors. He has also completed Kodaly modules at a high standard and enjoys using Kodaly musicianship in his teaching and own practice.

Sarah Wagner

Sarah Wagner’s interest in bringing theatricality to classical music has led her to perform in a diverse array of locations ranging from the Palace of Auburn Hills with Detroit-based rapper Eminem to underneath motorway bridges in Glasgow to the throne room of Buckingham Palace.