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The Glasgow School of Music

2018-05-23 10:56:58

<div class="_39k5 _5s6c"> <div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">The Glasgow School of Music is privately run music school located in the South of Glasgow. It is our goal to produce the best musicians in the city with top quality tuition delivered by experienced and professional musicians.</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">At the moment, The Glasgow School of Music is still taking off and we are currently sourcing the perfect premises for this venture. We hope that the school will be running by Summer 18 - not long now!!</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">What makes us different?</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">Together, we have contacts from all over the UK, including some national and international performers. We have close ties with Professors and Ph.D. students who will help influence our level of tuition.</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">With each lesson uniquely tailored for our pupils, we have the drive and ambition to help you achieve your goals whether this is to take grades or play your favourite pop song, and with a very high pass mark average for ABRSM exams, we are confident that we can take you to the next level.</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">We are all professional musicians and are involved in many projects around Glasgow, this means that we have an up-to-date knowledge of live performance and of all opportunities that may arise within the city for our students. This means that we can offer pupils the chance at live public performance, something that we feel is very important for any musician.</div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx"> </div> <div class="_2cuy _2vxa _3dgx">These are just some of the great ways that The Glasgow School of Music stands out from the rest of the crowd. We look forward to hearing from you and to find out more about how we can help you achieve your aspirations as a musician.</div> </div> </div>

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The Glasgow School of Music

Welcome to the Glasgow School of Music


Paul Murray

A classically trained pianist, Paul has a wealth of teaching knowledge and experience, which spans over a decade. He began teaching while he was a student at University. Paul has taught in many formats and environments, including festivals, in schools, and in universities.

Eliza Woodward

Eliza is currently in her second year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Music Performance under the tutelage of Katherine Bryan (Principal Flute RSNO), Helen Brew (Associate Principal Flute RSNO) and piccolo with Janet Richardson (Principal Piccolo RSNO) where she has also obtained an Undergraduate Scholarship.

Brianna Berman

Brianna Berman is a classically trained violinist with a love of teaching and traditional music. She has performed both as a soloist and ensemble player in the USA and UK and is currently a member of Nevis Ensemble. 

Andrew Neil

Andrew has experience in both piano and singing tutoring, and also works with the Glasgow School of Music (GSofM) as one of their vocal and piano tutors. He has also completed Kodaly modules at a high standard and enjoys using Kodaly musicianship in his teaching and own practice.

Isabella Gonzalez Diaz

Isabella was born in Venezuela and raised in the United States. From an early age, she began to study music starting with Voice and Guitar. After she moved to the United States she started to develop a passion for Horn as well as Conducting when she was only 14 years old.