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Paul Murray


Paul Murray

MDes; MMus; BMus (Hons)

Paul Murray is a specialist in Classical music, specifically the piano, with a notable interest in the relationship between disability and music.

From a young age, Paul has shown an interest in Music. However, it was not until he was 14 where he began to teach himself the Piano at school that his passion and talent became apparent. At the age of 17, just three years after teaching himself the piano, Paul went to Aberdeen University, where he began his study of Music.

Early in his studies, Paul met Prof. Nigel Clayton, Senior Professor at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, Nigel has been mentoring Paul at the piano ever since.

With equal experience in composition, Paul became acquainted with the world famous Royal composer, Prof. Paul Mealor. Paul developed a strong rapport with Prof. Mealor, who later became his advisor and mentor during his study of Composition.

It is with no stretch of the imagination to suggest that by studying with these leading Professors for more than a decade, Paul has received a distinguished and sought-after Music education, concluding with him acquiring multiple Degrees - including two Master's qualifications.

It was in 2012 Paul made his appearance and debut on the world stage. Paul was the star of “Chopin Changed my Life,” a significant Channel 4 documentaries which;

"Explores how Chopin’s extraordinary Ballade Number 1 transforms the lives of ordinary people and illustrates how Classical music can influence contemporary life in unexpected and powerful ways."

This work gained immediate global critical acclaim; this allowed Paul to work with his idols, including the world-famous concert pianist Lang-Lang.

Paul's interest in music and disability and promoting music for all ages and abilities follows a medical condition he deals with that has left his right-hand side partially paralyzed. It is because of this, Paul developed his skills for left-hand alone piano and is now an expert in this area.

Paul has a wealth of teaching knowledge and experience which spans almost decade - he began teaching while being an undergraduate student at University. Paul has taught in many formats and environments which include festivals, in schools, and in University.  Paul is qualified to teach piano, composition, and theory to the highest levels with the best results.

Besides Paul's music training, he also achieved a Master’s degree in Media & Design from The Glasgow School of Art in 2016. Like with music, Paul has always been interested in film and audio and looks to use these skills in the future.

In his free time, Paul enjoys playing golf, going long walks with his dog,  going to the gym, swimming, reading, watching a good TV series and cooking.

Paul Specialises in:

  • Piano
  • Composition
  • Music Theory